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No Apologies for Apologetics is a play on words that is intended to mean that the author of this site has no regrets, misgivings, disappointments, grievances, doubts, drawbacks, or qualms about defending faith in Jesus Christ with gentleness and reverence as He is revealed in the Holy Scriptures, by the Holy Spirit as ordained by the Father.

It is with a strong belief that it is every believers right, responsibility, and privilege to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all handed down to the saints.   I believe it is foundational to have the roots of apologetics deeply embedded within the hearts of the holy, instead of merely in the minds of the academic.  I believe that the defense of the faith needs to be grounded in solid biblical truth because there is no excuse for building on less stable soil.  I believe that a clear understanding of scripture coupled with godly wisdom becomes instrumental in making a defense for the hope we have within us.  Therefore, I believe that a humble, repentant heart that pursues God coupled with a strong, passionate pursuit of biblical truth along with wisdom from the Father who desires to give abundantly and without reproach to all who ask, is necessary and essential to an apologetic that seeks above all else to honor the Lord.

Finally, this site exists simply because I love my God as well as my neighbor, whether far or near.  Therefore, on this site you will find biblical teaching and preaching, arguments and defenses, as well as testimonies and personal insights from this crazy life I have been blessed with for the purpose of honoring my God and edifying my neighbor towards the Kingdom.

By His grace, it is my prayer and hope that those viewing this site will understand that although this author may be an uneducated and untrained man by some standards, it will be clearly recognized that he has been with Jesus.



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